The Bouncing Ball

Your first animation will be to create a bouncing ball. Watch the video below before geting started:

Learning intentions

By completing this task you will be able to

 Success criteria

Saving your work

 before you start creating your animation we want to save this to your  animation folder on the network. 

 Open the file menu and select "Save As"

Browse to your shared area on the network,  if you need to create a folder called animation and open that folder. Name your file "Bouncing Ball" and click "Save As". 

Draw a Circle

Use the oval tool to draw circle on top of your stage as shown in the video. 

Use the shift key for a perfect circle.

 Insert keyframe and move ball

inserting a new keyframe replicates the last frame in the timeline. use the selection tool to move the ball as shown.

Referring previous frames

Enable onion skin to refer to previous frames for displacement change.

Continue animating

great! keep inserting keyframes and moving the ball down until it reaches the bottom of the stage.

play basic animation

Let's play what you've created to stop click on play icon.

Squash & Stretch

Let's apply the squash and stretch principle to animation in the next steps.

Select the last frame & squash the ball then select the previous frame and stretch the ball.

Bounce back animation

in the Next Steps let's try reversing frames you have created to bounce back the ball.

Paste on first frame

Select first frame then right click >  paste frames

Preview your animation

Your animation is ready watch! 

Click on the "Test Movie" button to view your animation

Export your animation

Open the file menu and select export.  no select export animated GIF and save it into your animation folder