Creating a new document

Click file->New (or press Ctrl + N) 

Click on Character Animation and select Standard 

Click on Create

Save this blank animation to your folder and name it Penguin

Drawing the head

Click and hold down the mouse button on the shape tool.

Move the mouse over to ‘Oval Tool’ and then release it.

(or press ‘O’ on the keyboard) 

We want to use Object Drawing Mode to create our penguin.

In the properties window you can switch this on by clicking this button. 

Select the fill colour for your penguin’s body

Set the Stroke to none 

Click and drag on the canvas…Hold down the SHIFT key – this makes it a circle instead of a squished circle!

If it goes wrong, click on the selection tool, then click on to the circle, then press the DELETE key on your keyboard (that’s the ‘delete’ key, not the backspace key!).  

You could alternatively click Edit->Undo (Ctrl+Z)

You can use the selection tool (press V on the keyboard) to MOVE the circle.  You will be using this tool a lot!

It should look like this

Creating the body

Still with the select tool, hold down the ALT and SHIFT key, and click and drag the circle below the first circle.  

This will create a COPY.

Select the Free Transform Tool by clicking on it (or by pressing Q on the keyboard

Click on the HANDLES (the small black squares) to resize the shape a bit like this:

Duplicate it again, set the FILL colour to white, and then resize & position it like this:

Creating the left wing

Create another copy of the body.

Click the selection tool, click on a black shape, whilst holding down the ALT and SHIFT keys, click and drag it…

…and position it like this:

Select the Free Transform Tool again, 

There is a very small white dot in the centre of the shape.  This is the ROTATION POINT.  Click on this and drag it towards the top.

Now move your mouse to the corner of the wing, you will now be able to click and rotate the wing

…Then press V on the keyboard to activate the ‘select tool’. Now position the shape like this:

Creating the right wing

With the select tool…

Create a copy of the left wing (hold down alt + shift, click and drag).

Now RIGHT mouse click on the copy, then LEFT click on TRANSFORM, and select Flip Horizontal…

Now position the shape:

Left Eye

Click the circle tool, draw another circle (whilst holding down the SHIFT key), then change its FILL colour to WHITE:

Now draw a smaller circle inside the white circle, and make it black:

Click back on to the SELECT tool (v). Click once on one of the circles, then whilst holding down the SHIFT key, click on to the second circle so that they are both selected.

RIGHT mouse click on the circles, then LEFT click on ‘Group’.

Creating the right eye

Now hold down the ALT key, and drag the eye across to create a copy.

Creating the beak

Click and hold the shape tool, then select the ‘Polystar Tool’

In the Tool Options menu set the number of sides to 3

Change the colour of the triangle to a gold-yellow colour, then RIGHT mouse click to TRANFORM, select the ‘horizontal’ option and then click OK.

Use the select tool to move the triangle:


Draw one oval for a foot

Double click on the foot to enter drawing edit mode

Click on the selection tool (or press V) and draw a box over the bottom half of the Oval

Roughly half of the foot will be selected 

Press delete on the keyboard to remove the selected part of the foot

Now use the SELECT tool to create a copy (remember that you need to hold the ALT key and click and drag the shape):

Creating a family of penguins

Press CTRL + A to select all.

Right mouse click over, then LEFT click ‘group’

You can now use the select tool to duplicate your work…