Project 1 - Rocket in Space

Learning intentions

By completing this task you will be able to

  • Review my work from S1
  • Remind myself how to:
    • create layers
    • import object
    • create a motion tween
    • Add sound to a Keyframe

Success criteria

  • Saved and complete animation using sounds and created graphics.
S2CS - Animation - Rocket in Space

Task 1 - Creating your objects

To create this animation we will need 3 objects:

  • A rocket
  • A UFO
  • A suitable background

At the bottom of this page you can see three such files you can use as a template in fireworks to create your own.

Use the tracing tutorials (Panda Task) on the graphics website to help you trace the rocket and UFO:

Using the grazing sheep/Moving Car tutorials use your graphics package to create your background